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What’s It Like Being A Leader In The NHS?

Many people start out on their career, seeking to go as far as they can.  Ultimately this usually means moving from just working in your area of professional or technical expertise to a much broader leadership role. I made this transition myself starting out at the very bottom in Finance in the NHS to a […]

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The Real Challenges Of Leading In The NHS

Leading in any organisation is a challenge. The NHS in no exception. From the outside looking in, it might seem obvious what needs to happen. When I first worked in the NHS in the early 80’s things were very different. Hospitals were a whole lot smaller. Life expectancy a whole lot shorter and of course […]

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A Long Way To Go For NHS Leaders

The Kings Fund recently produced a paper that highlighted the differences in perceptions between those in Executive roles and those in clinical roles such as nurses and doctors on the quality of leadership. In many ways this might not be a surprise.  Anyone who has ever been in senior leadership role in the NHS will […]

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Is It More Challenging Leading In The NHS Now?

Recently I have been conducting a series of interviews with those who currently are in or were previously in leadership roles in the NHS. One of the questions I have been asking is whether leading in the NHS is more challenging than it was in the past. There is without doubt consensus that leading in […]

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1 NHS Leadership Insights

Leading in the NHS is demanding and challenging.  From the outside looking in it may well look simple. In this leadership insights series, I share the thoughts of those who are currently in or have spent a significant amount of their career in leadership roles in the NHS. This interview is with former NHS CEO […]

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