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Building A Successful Accounting Career Is Never About This

When we start out in accounting we learn a lot. We study for exams and get professionally qualified. We become good at a lot of stuff. We might even become know as the go to person in the department. While it’s vitally important to get really good at the core accounting work, it can be your downfall in my […]

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20 Questions Accountants Need To Be Ready for In a Job Interview

Accounting job interviews are demanding.  In many respects this shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all the decision to employ someone in an accounting role is a significant investment for the business. I’ve been interviewing accountants for roles for over 25 years. The standard is at best average.  Yes some are excellent in job interviews.  Many however struggle. The […]

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What Aspect of Accounting Do You Really Love?

Love and accounting are perhaps not too words that naturally go together. If your professional field is accounting there are probably some areas that you enjoy more than others. Those areas which you love are likely to be those areas where you do your best work. When you are focusing on the work that you […]

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