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Questions You Might Ask At The End of An Accounting Job Interview

In any job interview, you know that there will be the opportunity for you to ask questions. One thing is that many accountants worry about what questions they should or shouldn’t ask. The reality is that there is no specific questions that everyone should ask. The reason is that you are unique as a candidate. You will have areas […]

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We Are Looking To Hire You Not We

Navigating your way through the various stages of job interviews can be tough. You are under the spotlight. One of the problems I notice among accountants and professional people is a reluctance to talk themselves up (trust me I know what it’s like as an accountant myself). When it comes to job interviews they can fall into a […]

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20 Questions Accountants Need To Be Ready for In a Job Interview

Accounting job interviews are demanding.  In many respects this shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all the decision to employ someone in an accounting role is a significant investment for the business. I’ve been interviewing accountants for roles for over 25 years. The standard is at best average.  Yes some are excellent in job interviews.  Many however struggle. The […]

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