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1 What Are You Looking For From Your Next Boss?

They say that people don’t leave organisations. They leave or stay depending on their direct boss. I know that when I look back over the last 40 years of my career, what difference a good boss made. In many ways I would have achieved nothing in my career in accounting if it wasn’t for the boss who saw […]

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Training Course or One to One Coaching

I think it’s fair to say that many accountants recognise that their CPD is really important to get on in their careers. The great thing is there are so many opportunities to access learning these days. From webinars to online or in person training courses and even one to one coaching. One question that I’m often asked is […]

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Are Online Job Interviews Really More Difficult?

If you are looking for your next job at the present time, chances are your interview or interviews will be happening online. I’ve even had clients who have had to do a full assessment day online via Zoom. Now if all of your past experience has been doing job interviews face to face, the online job interview […]

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The Number 1 Thing You Can Do To Be A Better Business Partner

What’s the number one thing you can do to be a better finance business partner? From my perspective and from talking to literally hundreds of people in workshops, the one thing that’s going to make the biggest difference to you being a more effective business partner is to spend more time out in the business. Understanding the […]

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2 Getting Views But Not Getting Contacted On LinkedIn When Job Seeking

I received an email from someone I’ve been working with. They had been on a webinar. In their email they asked if their LinkedIn profile is not attracting or grabbing the attention of viewers because they were not being contacted. It’s a really great question. Answering it isn’t as straightforward as it might seem. If you think about it when […]

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Remote Job Interviews – Two Top Tips

Hi, it’s Duncan Brodie here from Goals and Achievements. I want to talk very briefly about remote job interviews and what you need to do to overcome the struggles with remote job interviews. The first thing I would say to you is, accept the way it is right now. Job interviews remotely are the future for the foreseeable […]

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15 Tips To Achieve More Success In Your Accounting Career

You’re an ambitious accountant and want to do well in your career. Of course wanting to do well in your career and actually achieving success is often very different. Over the 40+ years I’ve seen really variation on what accountants achieve. So what tips would I offer to help you increase the chances of achieving success in your […]

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Why You Might Be Your Biggest Barrier To Landing Your Next Job

At any time looking for and landing your next job is tough. Add in the uncertainty around COVID-19 and it adds another challenge. Employers, just like all of us don’t know what’s around the corner. They will be cautious in their approach. I’ve seen examples of interviews being cancelled at short notice. It can be frustrating. Equally organisations are dealing with […]

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What’s Different About You?

Job interviews are competitive. One job, several candidates being interviewed. Best case scenario you have a 20-25% chance of getting the job. Equally it’s not all doom and gloom. Every candidate has something to offer. Every candidate has their own unique experiences. Every candidate has their strengths. Every candidate has weaker areas. But what different about you in your view and perhaps in […]

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