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What Stops You Building A Successful Career

As an accountant or other professional you have a lot of potential.  Of course there is a huge difference between your potential and what you actually achieve in practice. Having spent 25 years in accountancy and the last 13 years helping accountants and professionals be more successful in their career, I’ve noticed several things: It’s […]

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Why You Need To Own Your Career

I had an interesting email exchange with one of my clients recently.  In essence the client was checking when they should start looking for their next role. Advice that the client had received was that it was best to wait to nearer the time when they would be available to apply for their next role. […]

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Not What You Do But What You Contribute

I was speaking with a friend recently who has set up his own consultancy. Before that he had built a long and successful career in a major organisation. During our discussion he mentioned that he had recently met up with some friends who were still employed. As is common, people asked him what he does […]

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