What’s On Your Stop Doing List?

Most are familiar with a to do list.  Chances are you have one right now.

If you are an accountant or professional I bet it is a pretty long one.

You might even judge the success of a day, week or month based on how many things you cross through or score off on your list

But let me ask you what’s on your stop doing list?

The one thing many accountants and professionals struggle with

Too much to do and not enough time to do it.  This is becoming more and more common. Every organisation in every sector is looking to do more with less.

Fewer people means lower costs and if sales are staying the same or growing, it improves bottom line performance.

What’s the value of thinking about a stop doing list?

Key results areas

In every job there’s a list of activities that need doing.  There’s a handful of what I call key results areas.

These are the real reasons why the job exists.

For an accountant these might be:

  • To make sure the business has the money in the bank to meet its obligations when they fall due.
  • To provide the information and insight to support strategy, decision making and running of the business.
  • To make sure the business complies with all laws and regulations in relation to financial matters.
  • To make sure payments are made when due.

Yes there will be activities associated with each of the above.  At the same time by focusing on key results you can make better use of your time and make better time investment decisions.

Focus on contribution

You always will have things to do.  Your real value comes from your contribution to the success of the organisation.

Stopping doing things that are time heavy and contribution light helps you make a bigger contribution to the business.

Better wellbeing and feeling in control

If you are always running and feeling like you are never catching up you get stressed, anxious and can feel like you are losing control.

When in this state it’s sometimes difficult to keep perspective and have the headspace to make the bigger decisions.

In truth it can be hard to stop doing things.  On the other hand think about the bigger benefits to you, your team members and the wider organisation of focusing on what really matters.