To Get Better Results When Leading, Do More of These Things

Leading is one of those areas that appears simple from the outside looking in.  Of course being the observer or analyst is a whole lot different from leading.

Does that mean that getting results as a leader is impossible?  Definitely not.  At the same time it’s often the small changes that have the biggest impact.

So to get better results when leading, consider doing more of the following.

Face up to reality

If you are in a leadership role you are clearly talented.  Others who make decisions have seen that talent too.

Trouble is you have the same constraint as everyone else.  A fixed number of hours each day.  As a result you can only achieve so much working alone.

Face up to this reality and acknowledge that the road to real success is by getting the best from each and every member of your team.

Focus on what matters

In any organisation, function or team there are certain activities that are critical to achieving goals.  These critical success factors are the things you have to get right if you are going to achieve goals.

Make sure you understand what’s critical to success and ensure you and your team focus attention on what matters, not what keeps you busy.

Listen more

We all hear about how important it is to communicate.  Most of us learn about verbal and written communication.  Fewer learn about listening.

When you listen you get ideas, insights and engagement.  You also better respond to more challenging situations.

Stay connected and in touch with the business at the coal face

The more senior you become the easier it is to become disconnected from the reality at the sharp end of the business.

Make sure you stay connected and in touch with business at the coal face.

Truth is there is no magic formula to getting great results when leading.  At the same time it’s often simple changes that yield the biggest returns.