The Reality of Decision Making As A Manager or Leader

Decisions lead to actions.

Actions lead to results or feedback.

Conceptually you get this no doubt

It still isn’t easy making decisions as a manager or leader.

Every decision you make is scrutinised.

Decisions you make could well be wrong.

And of course you worry about the impact of decisions on how others view you.

That’s just the reality of decision making as a manager or leader.

Some will be positive about your decision and support it.

Some will put up barriers.

Some will sit on the fence for a bit.

Taking decisions isn’t optional if you want to achieve anything.

Yes others might see it differently.

Usually those who have no accountability or consequences for the decisions you make.

It really is easy to by the bystander and criticise and some will do just that.

For that reason I suggest:

  • You do engage people.
  • You give them the chance to state their point of view.
  • You weigh up the pros and cons.
  • You make a decision.

Remember everything that’s achieved starts with a decision.