The Only You Can Do List

Whenever I speak to accountants or professionals a common thing that I hear that they are struggling to get everything done.

I remember that feeling when I was in Finance in leadership and management roles.

Of course it’s really easy to create a long list of all the things you have to do.

On the other hand have you ever really considered creating an only you can do list?

It’s a simple idea and chances are one that you may have never considered.

The number of items on your only you can do list are in reality likely to be fairly short in reality.

They are likely to be activities that require:

  • A specific skill
  • Specific knowledge

Alternatively they might be things that are:

  • Confidential or sensitive in nature
  • Dependent on having specific experience

What might stop you creating an only you can do list?


If you cut down or eliminate activities that others could do you might fear being out of a job.  Alternatively you might worry about how others might perceive you, perhaps you worry that others will think you are lazy.


If you are in accountancy or other profession you might well love being really busy and checking things off your long list.

It becomes a bit of a habit and as we all know to some extent habits are sometimes difficult to break or change.


About the ability of others to deliver as well as you on some of the activities you currently do.  Often this translates into a lack of trust of those in your team.

What could be the big benefits of creating your only you can do list?

Free up time

To make a bigger contribution to the wider business.  Alternatively to reduce the pressure on you.


On what you should really be doing rather than what keeps you busy.

Greater job satisfaction

As you take on bigger challenges you grow and develop personally and professionally.

In truth creating an only you can do list could make a big difference to your results and career.  So what’s your first step to put this into action?