The Lack of Time Is Not Really The Problem

I work with a lot of accountants and professionals.  They work hard.  They are usually pretty driven and ambitious.

Like many they struggle with the issue of too much to do in the time they have available.

Of course we all know that time is not one of those areas that you can buy an upgrade on.  You have the same allocation each day, week and month as everyone else.

So why do I suggest that the lack of time is not the real problem?

Quite simply because it’s really about two other factors.

Understanding the real priorities

A concept I often discuss with clients is around identifying what I call key results areas.  Those areas that your success or otherwise are judged on.

Most people have a long list of items on a job description.  Yet in truth most accountants and professionals have around 3 to 5 key results areas.

Knowing those key results areas helps you consider what’s critical to achieving those key results.

Those areas that are critical to achieving your key results are your real priorities.

Getting focused

The more focused you are the better the results you achieve.  This often requires you to adjust or change your current habits.

Rather than trying to keep 10 plates spinning at the same time, focus your attention on one thing for a period of time.

Keep track of where your time is going each day.  You are likely to be surprised just how much of your time is being lost on activities that are not contributing to your key results areas.

You know you can’t buy an upgrade on your time.  On the other hand you can get clear about your key priorities, critical activities and then focus on what really matters.