It’s Never Been More Important To Focus On What Matters As A Finance Team

2020 will be a year that few us will forget.

There has been a lot of uncertainty for some.

In accountancy I’ve seen so many individuals and teams show their true value to the business.

I suspect even the most sceptical in other parts of the organisation would acknowledge this.

Of course while there may have been a lifting of some of the restrictions in the last month or so, what’s clear is that there’s a long road ahead.

The UK is officially in recession.  In reality the full impact of the pandemic will more than likely become clearer as much of the support currently available comes to an end.

Going forward the demand for high quality support from Finance teams is likely to increase.

We do all know that unlike your PC, you can’t get an upgrade on your time.

For that reason it’s going to be so important to focus on what matters individually and collectively as a Finance team.

There may be things that you are doing out of habit rather than necessity.

It may be that your stakeholders need something different.

Taking the time to stop, think and adapt is going to be vitally important.

Having the conversations with your stakeholders is important.

Continually re-evaluating priorities is going to be important.

There may be things that you have to stop or find a way of doing differently.

Making choices will matter.

So my advice for all Finance teams in the coming months is to focus on what really matters not just activities that keep you busy.