4 Reasons Why A Leader Might Want To Consider Having A Coach

In just about every field where people are successful, they have a coach or in the case of teams several coaches.

Over the years the number of coaches working with leaders in organisations has increased significantly.

As someone who has worked at senior levels in large organisations and has been a qualified coach since 2006, I see the value.

So what are 4 reasons why a leader might want to consider having a coach?

Reason 1: It’s a lonely existence as a leader

I remember a partner in a professional services firm saying this to me once.  I didn’t think about it at the time.

When I was an FD I got it 100%.  You don’t necessarily have someone who you can have a confidential discussion with in a structured way.  Someone who you can help you think through things.

Reason 2: It’s bespoke and specific to you

Training and workshops are good.  They do have their limitations.  In particular they are generic rather than being specific to you.

Equally by the time you get to a senior level it may well be that you just need focused help in a narrow area of a particular topic.

Coaching is bespoke and specific to you.

Reason 3: There’s action plans and follow up

Coaching gets people into action.  When they take action they get learning, insight and the opportunity to reflect.  It also allows leaders to adapt to their situation and circumstances.

The follow up and accounting for what they have and haven’t done gets people moving forward.

Reason 4: Support over an extended period

If you are looking to get better it takes time.  It’s not something that happens overnight.

Of course coaching is not for every leader.  What I’ve found is that those who achieve the greatest benefit are:

  1. Committed
  2. Willing to do the work
  3. Open to exploring new ways
  4. Want to achieve something specific