10 Questions To Ask In Challenging Times

Organisations need good leaders at all times.  In challenging times the role of leader and leaders (who might not necessarily be the most senior people) becomes even more critical.

Right now being a leader is tough.  Thinking clearly, making the best choices and navigating the business will be a challenge for all leaders.

So what are 10 questions leaders at all levels need to be asking in challenging times?

10 Questions


What really matters right now?

There are times when the options are endless.  Right now it's important for leaders and leadership teams to focus on what really matters.

In my view it starts with getting the basics done well.


What's the potential impact?

Various scenarios are possible.  Some will be more relevant than others.

Leadership teams will want to model the impact of specific events that could arise.

Why?  So that they can look at handling strategies.


How will we communicate?

The traditional meeting may not be an option right now.  So other communication strategies will be required.

Know what you will communicate, how you will communicate and who will communicate.


Who are our key people?

Everyone matters.  In challenging times some people are more critical to the business than others.

Get clear on who your key people are.


Who are our key customers?

Customers are important.  Some are key to the future survival of the business in challenging times.

Know who those key customers are and step up your efforts on managing the relationship,


Who are our key suppliers?

Just as your organisation will be critical to some customers, some of your suppliers will be critical to the success of your business.

Be clear who they are.


How much cash cover do we have?

Lack of cash impacts on businesses ability to continue to trade.

It's important that you understand what cash cover you have to meet obligations short and medium term.


What can we influence?

There are things that you can influence.  Equally there will also be things that you can't.

Focus attention on what you can influence.


What can we offer in a different way?

There may be a tried and tested way of delivering your product or service.

Equally there may be a different way of delivering.

Brainstorming, thinking creatively and not discounting a particular option to quickly can help open up options that you may not have considered.


How do we retain positivity?

Few whether leaders or not relish uncertainty.  Find ways of keeping morale up and positivity high, even when the going gets tough.

Right now we are in challenging times.  At times like this good leadership really makes a difference in my experience.