Coaching for Leaders In Finance

In virtually every profession the only way to move up the career ladder is to take on a management and leadership role.

Of course being technically brilliant never guarantees that you will be successful when it comes to managing and leading.

The skillset is different.  The way you have to operate is different.  The expectations are different.  The focus is different.

Sometimes being technically brilliant can actually hinder rather than help you.  In your professional field you can achieve quite a lot based on your own hard work and commitment.

Managing and leading is completely different.  The level of success that you achieve depends on factors like:

  • Your self belief and self confidence
  • Your ability to achieve results through others
  • Your ability to deliver change
  • Your ability to make the best use of your time
  • The extent to which you can inspire, motivate, influence, delegate, listen, resolve conflict, problem solve and find solutions
  • Your ability to build relationships outside of your professional field
  • Your behaviours, attitude and approach

None of which you learn as part of your professional exams.

You could go along to a series of workshops, training days and even learn online.

Have you ever considered a more personalised, tailored approach to your continuing professional development?  If yes, working with me as your coach might well be right for you.

Professionals who get the best results from working with a coach:

  • Are good at what they do
  • Are committed to becoming even better
  • Are willing to take action between sessions to implement what they have learned
  • Recognise the value of having someone removed from all the politics in organisations to bounce ideas off and get ideas from
  • Are willing to change and adapt

If that sounds like you, get in touch to arrange a no obligation consultation.  During that consultation we will look at your situation, what you are seeking to achieve and whether working together might for you.

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