How We Work?

In our experience people want to be part of a successful organisation and with the right help and support will go out of their way to deliver success.

Helping people build their skills helps them to do a better job and helps the organisation to deliver what it has set out to achieve the short, medium and long term.


Our Approach


We are above all else flexible.  While there is always scope for learning from other organisations in the sector, we understand that a one size fits all approach rarely works in practice.  We take the time to really understand your situation, your aspirations and challenges before providing some options on how we might work together.


We are highly committed to partnership working.  We don’t pretend we have all of the answers.

What’s Different About Goals and Achievements?


Sector expertise: Duncan Brodie our sole Director has over 35 years experience in the public and not for profit sector both as an employee and consultant.  He understands the challenges of complex organisations in the public and not for profit sector.


Results focus: Choosing to bring in some external help is a major decision for any organisation at any time.  In these times of extreme financial pressure this is an even bigger decision.  For that reason we will only work on projects or assignments where there are clearly agreed results and outcomes.


Cost effective:  We aim to find the most cost effective way of helping you achieve the result that you want.  This does not necessarily mean that we will always be the cheapest.  We do benefit from not having the overheads that the major consulting organisations so can generally offer a competitively priced solution.


Honesty and integrity:  Put simply we will only take on work that we know we can deliver.  We would much prefer to recommend someone else to you if we truly believe that we are not best placed to help you achieve the results you want.


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