Helping Accountants and Professionals Be More Successful In Their Career

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Is This You?

  • You are an accountant or functional professional looking to land your next job.
  • You are an accountant or functional professional looking to be a better presenter, business partner or leader.
  • You are a professional network, association or organisation that supports accountants or functional professionals to develop their non technical skills and be more successful in their career.

What best describes you and your situation?

Hi I'm Duncan Brodie, Qualified Accountant and Coach, and former Finance Director.

Since 2006, I’ve helped more than 8,000 accountants and professionals to land their next job, improve their leadership, presentation skills and be better business partners.

As I climbed the career ladder from 15-year-old Payments Clerk to Finance Director of an NHS Trust, I realised something that has become the foundation for my business now:

It isn't the most technically brilliant accountants or professionals who reach more senior levels!

It's those who are:


Technically competent in their professional field

Not necessarily brilliant at the technical elements of the role.


Self confident, self aware and action orientated

They understand themselves, their value and are willing to take action.


Great at building relationships, presenting their ideas and partnering effectively with the wider business

They get that this is how they really add value. 


Focused on the success of the business and making a real contribution

They pay attention to what really matters to the organisation.  They flex and adapt based on the needs of their internal.  They think more about results, outcome and contribution and less on activities.


Able to successfully navigate the job market

They know what they want.  They are clear about the sacrifices they will make.  They know what they have to offer. 

They can market and sell themselves effectively and make the right moves at the right time for the right reasons.


Are good all rounders

By that they have right blend of technical, non technical, interpersonal and business skills.

Services offered include:

  • One to one coaching and mentoring.
  • Training and workshops for finance and other professionals .
  • Seminars, speaking and breakout sessions for professional associations and institutes.

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