Coaching and Mentoring


Coaching and Mentoring For Your Highly Talented and Committed Senior Leaders and Managers That Helps Them Deliver Even Better Results


Being in a senior leadership or senior management role in a large and complex organisation is incredibly demanding.

So often highly talented people within their professional area of expertise are promoted into a senior leadership or senior management role and find it a real struggle.

In many ways this is not necessarily that big a surprise as leading and managing is very different to being the real expert in a particular professional field.

You might have supported people in the past by giving them the opportunity to attend training courses, workshops or even to gain a management qualification but they are still not performing to their potential.

While there is huge value in training courses, workshops and management qualifications in building skills and knowledge, they are by necessity generic.

In other words they primarily focus on a one size fits all approach…

What if there was another alternative to the one size fits all approach that was based on individual needs, was results focused and outcomes based.

The good news is that there is a real alternative that:

  • Is not just about building skills or acquiring knowledge but unlocking the real potential of your senior leaders and senior managers so that they can tackle the challenges and exploit opportunities.
  • Is focused on specific results that contribute to improvements in organisational performance.
  • Involves in-depth diagnostic work at the outset to really discover individual areas of strength and areas that require attention.
  • Provides support over a period of time so that the change has lasting impact.
  • Encourages your senior leaders and senior managers to experiment, learn and improve by taking real action in the workplace.
  • Pushes the boundaries in terms of beliefs and assumptions about what is and what is not possible.
  • Results in improvements in leaders and managers personal productivity.
  • Improves employee engagement, communication, motivation and team working within the organisation.


Coaching and mentoring provides that alternative.


So which of your senior leaders or senior managers are likely to get the most benefit from coaching and mentoring?


While some coaches will tell you that just about anyone can get benefit from coaching and mentoring in our experience, those who are likely to get the biggest benefit are those who:

  • Are already highly rated within their own professional field and have been identified as having real potential as leaders and managers.
  • Are ready and willing to step back, reflect, experiment and learn over a period of time.
  • Are committed to continually improving their own personal and organisational performance.
  • Are willing to take on board and act on feedback that they receive.
  • See themselves first and foremost as high performers who want to get even better.


So how does it work?

If you are considering providing coaching and mentoring for your senior leaders or senior managers the first step would be to meet with you to determine what you want to achieve and whether we can help you.

If we believe that we can help you, we will put together a short proposal setting out how we could meet your needs, structure and fees.


Ready to take the next step?

If you feel that coaching and mentoring might be right for your organisation, please contact us to set up a no obligation, no cost consultation.