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You Have To Manage Yourself Before You Manage Anyone Else

I was running a client workshop a while back.  It was a workshop that was part of a bigger project. The client organisation had gone through a difficult period.  Morale had not unexpectedly taken a dip.  Difficult decisions had to be made that impacted on the group that I was working with. In reality this is nothing […]

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What’s On Your Stop Doing List?

Most are familiar with a to do list.  Chances are you have one right now. If you are an accountant or professional I bet it is a pretty long one. You might even judge the success of a day, week or month based on how many things you cross through or score off on your […]

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Keep It Simple When Managing and Leading

The usual route for an accountant and professional wanting to move up the career ladder is to become a manager and leader. Some do this easily.  Some get by.  Some struggle. Of course very little of your professional training equips you for managing and leading. Equally there really is no manual that equips you for […]

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The Only You Can Do List

Whenever I speak to accountants or professionals a common thing that I hear that they are struggling to get everything done. I remember that feeling when I was in Finance in leadership and management roles. Of course it’s really easy to create a long list of all the things you have to do. On the […]

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The Lack of Time Is Not Really The Problem

I work with a lot of accountants and professionals.  They work hard.  They are usually pretty driven and ambitious. Like many they struggle with the issue of too much to do in the time they have available. Of course we all know that time is not one of those areas that you can buy an […]

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4 Reasons Why A Leader Might Want To Consider Having A Coach

In just about every field where people are successful, they have a coach or in the case of teams several coaches. Over the years the number of coaches working with leaders in organisations has increased significantly. As someone who has worked at senior levels in large organisations and has been a qualified coach since 2006, […]

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