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What We Can Learn From An ER Doctor About Working Effectively

Hospitals are busy places.   Your finance or other department is probably busy too. It can feel like there’s so much to do. And so little time to get things done. I was watching a TED Talk where an ER Doctor was taking about how they triage patients. It got me thinking. How can the principle of triage change your approach […]

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Set Clear Goals If You Want Your Team To Be More Productive

If you lead or manage in Finance or other support functions, chances are you are really busy. It just seems to be the way it is in my experience. Of course busy doesn’t necessarily mean productive or efficient. You may well have at some point thought about team goals. Or maybe you haven’t. You might wonder what’s the benefits.  They […]

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The Reality of Decision Making As A Manager or Leader

Decisions lead to actions. Actions lead to results or feedback. Conceptually you get this no doubt It still isn’t easy making decisions as a manager or leader. Every decision you make is scrutinised. Decisions you make could well be wrong. And of course you worry about the impact of decisions on how others view you. That’s just the reality of decision making […]

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What We Can Learn About Leadership From The European Super League Fiasco

The announcement about the formation of a new European Super League was made. Pretty quickly it was condemned from just about everyone. The statements and apologies followed the decision of all 6 English clubs followed after they changed their mind. The fact that this is about football isn’t important. What’s interesting for me is the leadership lessons. Why? Because a big […]

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One Of The Most Important Questions Leaders Can Ask

2020 has shown us just how quickly things can change. Many businesses were going along, doing okay and then COVID-19 hit. As is always the case, there were winners and losers. Technology became an even more critical part of life and business. I’ve even heard people say that technology they have been trying to get people to buy in […]

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How To Get The Best Results When Managing and Leading A Finance Team

Leading and managing in any discipline is challenging. In Finance I really believe it is even tougher. There are several reasons why:You have a lot of committed people.You have a lot of ambitious people.You have people who want to have their say.Not all technically brilliant people are good managers.Faced with these challenges you might wonder how to […]

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Sometimes It Takes Something Significant To Change

I was running an online full day workshop recently.  The fact that it was online was a change. Early on in the workshop we had a group discussions around what COVID-19 had taught us about change. One thing that came out loud and clear was that when we need to change we can and do. Several delegates spoke […]

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Perspective Matters Now More Than Ever

None of us will forget 2020. We have and continue to live with COVID-19. It’s required us to change and adapt. It’s presented challenges.  On Saturday evening a press conference told us that England will go into lockdown once again from Thursday. In some respects it shouldn’t come as a surprise.  Cases have been rising.  Deaths have increased. Of course […]

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