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The Power of Using Examples In Job Interviews

When I started out in my accounting career over 40 years ago, job interviews were different. Back then you were more than likely to be asked questions where you had to explain how you would handle a situation. These questions weren’t bad questions. The trouble with them was that they weren’t great at separating the candidates that had […]

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What’s Similar and What’s Different About The Remote Job Interview

COVID-19 has changed many things. One difference is that if you are interviewing for jobs right now, chances are they will be done remotely. A question that I’m often asked is what’s different about the remote job interviews. Before I answer that, let’s look at the similarities between a remote and face to face job interview. Similarity #1: You […]

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3 Being Effective Beats Being Perfect

Effective is a word that I use a lot when thinking about courses, webinars or workshops. To some it might seem like quite a passive word. For me it fits well with the accountants ad professionals that I work with, particularly in the non technical skills areas or job search. Being an effective from my perspective is about […]

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Don’t Let Your Mindset Hold You Back In Your Career

You’re an accountant or other professional. You have got your professional qualifications. You do good work. Yet you are not making the kind of progress that you know you should in your career. Sadly this is a lot more common than it might seem. When I was delivering a webinar almost two-thirds of people of the accountants on the webinar […]

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It’s All About Marginal Gains In The Accounting Job Market

As an accountant you have a lot to offer. Of course so do other candidates who are on the market. Through my work with thousands of accountants, there’s something that I’ve noticed. There is no silver bullet or magic strategy to get you the job. It’s really all about marginal gains. The small things that you can do to give […]

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1 What Are You Looking For From Your Next Boss?

They say that people don’t leave organisations. They leave or stay depending on their direct boss. I know that when I look back over the last 40 years of my career, what difference a good boss made. In many ways I would have achieved nothing in my career in accounting if it wasn’t for the boss who saw […]

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Are Online Job Interviews Really More Difficult?

If you are looking for your next job at the present time, chances are your interview or interviews will be happening online. I’ve even had clients who have had to do a full assessment day online via Zoom. Now if all of your past experience has been doing job interviews face to face, the online job interview […]

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3 Things That Will Give You The Edge In Job Interviews

Three things that will give you the edge in job interviews. Number one, do your research on the company and the sector. Number two, go through the job description and person specification forensically and identify potential questions. Number three, practice answering questions out loud, including doing a mock interview with someone who can help you to come up […]

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