Why You Should Arrange A Mock Job Interview Ahead of The Real Thing

Job interviews are part and parcel of landing your next job.

If your application has done its job and got you through the screening process, you are a big step closer to getting the job.

Here’s the problem.  Many accountants and professionals struggle in job interviews.

This might surprise you.  On the other hand think about it.

Most of us don’t do job interviews that often.

As a result it’s really difficult to become really good at them.

You never reach that stage where, like driving a car you become unconsciously competent.

For that reason it’s vital that you arrange a mock interview ahead of the real thing.

From the feedback I’ve had from clients I’ve helped land their next job, the work we do ahead of job interviews is often what they value most.


Reasons Why Clients Value A Mock Job Interview So Much


They Are Asked Questions That They Never Even Contemplated

I know from workshops and speaking at events that most will take very little time to really think about questions they might be asked.

If they do, they will often focus on the predictable questions.

Problem with this is there is a high probability of getting thrown off track when something out of the norm is asked.

They Get Honest Feedback

In the ideal world you would always get feedback after a job interview.

In the real world this doesn’t always happen.

Even if it does, you often find it’s so generic that it is of really limited value.

They Get Specific Help To Improve Their Answers

Some questions people answer brilliantly.

Some they give an okay answer to.

Some they really struggle with.

When doing the mock interview, we stop, reflect, look at how they can answer the question even better.

This is particularly valuable for those trick questions where you are asked to talk about weaknesses or situations you haven’t handled as well as you could.

If you are serious about doing better in job interviews, having a mock interview with someone completely independent and objective really can give you the edge.