Who Hires A Coach or Mentor?

The options for undertaking your continuing professional development are extensive these days.

So much is accessible online from webinars, to full training courses and even on places like YouTube.

Another option that some choose is to work with a coach or mentor.

It might be something you might have considered.

Alternatively it might not have been something you were even aware of existing.

It might be that you thought that it’s only for really senior high flyers.

Having worked with people as a coach and mentor for nearly 15 years, there’s a number of things I’ve noticed about the people who decide to work with me.

They want to get on in their career

I had one client who was really keen to move to a job at the next level.

They realised that there was no shortage of effort on their part.

In fact when they first spoke to me, they had applied for 150+ roles.

The problem was that their application to job interview invite ratio was really poor.

About 1-2%.

When they got clear and targeted with applications they got a role that they really wanted.

They are moving up in their career

I’ve had clients who were transitioning from a traditional accounting role to business partnering role.

Others who were moving into their first senior management or board role.

All of them realised that to succeed they had to work in depth in certain areas.

They also valued having a sounding board to bounce ideas off and explore options.

They wanted really tailored support

A number of clients I’ve worked with have been on training courses.

They learned a lot.

They built a lots of skills.

They gained a lot of knowledge.

Equally the learned what was on the course programme.

Now they were looking for something more tailored where they could delve deeper in some areas that were most pertinent to them.

They were really keen to keep improving

Their mindset was one of always looking to get better, particularly on the non technical aspects of their role.

The process of learning, agreeing to take action, trying to implement that action and then having follow up really helped.

They wanted to take action

Ultimately they were ready to really jump in and act.

They realised that procrastination or waiting for the right time was going to lead nowhere.

They needed that little nudge, confidence boost and support to move forward.

If you feel that working with a coach or mentor might be the right thing for you, get in touch to arrange a no obligation consultation.