What’s Different About You?

Job interviews are competitive.

One job, several candidates being interviewed.

Best case scenario you have a 20-25% chance of getting the job.

Equally it’s not all doom and gloom.

Every candidate has something to offer.

Every candidate has their own unique experiences.

Every candidate has their strengths.

Every candidate has weaker areas.

But what different about you in your view and perhaps in the view of others?

This is a question many struggle with in a job interview.

Which is surprising.

Or perhaps maybe not.


Few candidates spend anything like enough time getting clarity about what they have to offer.

Yes you might have jotted a few things down on paper.

Only a small proportion will stop, think and give this question some serious thought.

An even smaller proportion will go further and ask colleagues past and present.

Often these colleagues uncover what I’ll call hidden gems.

By that I mean qualities that you can’t see for yourself.

We all have blind spots.

Add to this the fact that if you are an accountant or professional you may well not even be aware how good you.

Or at least acknowledge how good you are.

 So if you want to sell yourself more confidently and authentically in your next job interview, take the time to do a deep dive and discover what’s different about you as a candidate.