We Are Looking To Hire You Not We

Navigating your way through the various stages of job interviews can be tough.

You are under the spotlight.

One of the problems I notice among accountants and professional people is a reluctance to talk themselves up (trust me I know what it’s like as an accountant myself).

When it comes to job interviews they can fall into a trap.

The trap is talking about what we did, rather than what you do.

Now I know employers talk about wanting to hire people who are team players.

And I truly believe that they do.

Of course in the job interview itself they are not looking to hire the team that you are part of.

They are looking to hire you.

For that reason you have to talk about your specific contribution when answering questions.

You have to be talking about your specific role in particular projects or situations.

If you don’t you will put yourself at a huge disadvantage as there will be other candidates who will talk about their specific contribution.

Does that mean that you have to make exaggerated claims?

Of course not.

You can start by describing the situation and the task.

You can say that you were part of a team.

Then pivot towards what specific role you played in achieving a specific result.

By doing this you demonstrate that you can work as part of a team and that you can speak confidently, clearly and authentically about your contributions.

And remember the hiring manager can only give you credit for what you tell them.

Ultimately the hiring manager is looking to hire you not we.

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