Three Ways Accountability Will Help You Move Forward In Your Career

You talk about wanting to take the next step in your career. What I’ve noticed over the years is that there’s often a gap between what people say and actually do.

Left to your own devices you can easily drift.  Weeks and months pass and even a year and you are no further forward.

It can be hugely frustrating.  Of course it can be different.

One way is to put in some form of accountability process.  So how might you do this in practice?

Write down what you want to achieve

Commit to a specific goal to be achieved within a specific time frame.  Write it down and refer to it regularly.  It might be one of the following:

  • I’ll have a career conversation with my boss by the end of June
  • I’ll reflect and record my successes at work every quarter
  • I’ll spend an hour every month learning more about industry challenges and how others are responding to them
  • I’ll get involved in a change project in the next six months
  • I’ll go to 3 professional development events this year

What you will start to notice is that when you have clarity and get focused you get it done.

Partner up with someone

Chances are there are others who are trying to achieve what you are.  Partnering up can be a really powerful way of holding each other to account, sharing ideas and learning from each other.

Set up a regular time to check in with each other and stick to the schedule.

Work with a coach or mentor

Having someone completely independent who you work with and has your success as their focus can really speed up progress and completion.  They will also give you the benefit of their wisdom, experience as well as a structure that focuses you on moving forward.

Accountability really can make a difference.  So what’s your first step in using accountability to help you to progress in your career?