There’s No Right Approach To Job Search

I was running an online workshop a while back.

One of our discussion points was around the different approaches people were taking when it comes to job search.

If you are an accountant or professional looking for your next role, you might think there is a right or wrong way to approach it.

My view is there is no such thing as right approach.

At the same time, what I do believe is that you need to use different approaches and discover what works best for you.

The temptation might be just to rely on recruiters to find the next role for you.  Trouble is recruiters themselves might be finding that they are getting less access to opportunities.

As a result it’s important to have different approaches.  These might include some of the following.

Using recruiters

This seems to work well if you have invested time in building the relationships and they really know where you can add value.

Those who work in the interim market often do a good job at this because they see marketing as being part and parcel of what they do.

Using LinkedIn

More and more roles are being advertised on LinkedIn.

The danger is that there are so many applicants that it is difficult to get noticed.

For that reason it’s important to make sure that you are really targeted.

Reaching Out To Your Network

You invest a lot of time and energy and building and maintaining your network.

So why not reach out and ask your network for help.

When using this approach remember to make sure that you give a clear steer to those that reach out to about what you are looking for.

Those that know your work should be your first port of call.

Making Direct Approaches

This could work well if there are specific companies that you are tracking and really interested in working for.

It’s important that you have ways of keeping in touch with what is going on in the organisations that you are interested in.

An announcement about the company may well be a trigger for you to make your approach.

Finding that next role can be challenging. At the same time using different approaches may well be the way to increase your chances of success.

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