The Importance of Taking The Time To Determine What Makes You Different To Other Candidates

Looking for a job right now is tough. 

I was speaking with a client recently. 

They told me about a role that was posted Friday on LinkedIn.

They got the job alert Saturday, clicked through job no longer listed.

Did some follow up and discovered recruiter had 400 applicants the previous day.

What that says to me is that you are going to have to stand out from other candidates.

Here’s the thing.  Few will take the time to really reflect and consider this.

As a result there’s a danger of just trotting out what everyone else does.

Investing a bit of time in really thinking and writing down what makes you different.

What might you focus on?  Here are some ideas.

  • The route you took to get into the work you do now.  Especially beneficial if you haven’t followed the same path.
  • The number of languages you speak.  You would be surprised just how many multi lingual accountants and professionals I’ve worked with don’t realise how big a gain this is.
  • The way that you work, lead or manage.  It might be that your approach is a little different and produces much better results.
  • Your depth of knowledge and expertise in a specific area of your profession that few have.
  • Your experience of working in different countries and cultures. 
  • Your outlook, attitude and mindset to problems and challenges that’s slightly unconventional.
  • And many more…
 Does this require some effort on your part?  No doubt.  Equally it can be the small difference that gives you the edge when it comes to landing your next job.

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