The Barriers to Having A Successful Career In Accounting – #2 – Lack of Confidence

One would think that someone who has gone through the rigour of getting a professional qualification would be oozing with confidence.  In fact things are often very different in practice.  Many professional people struggle with confidence.


They underestimate just how much about different areas of business that they know about.  Perhaps they assume that everyone else has the same level of knowledge or expertise.  This results in them staying in the comfort zone of their areas of technical expertise.


Yet we all know that real development and growth comes when we are thrown in at the deep end.  Is it scary?  Well yes it is.  Does what you achieve and accomplish surprise you?  Without doubt it does.


Perhaps this lack of self confidence comes as a result of our mindset.  It is easy to convince ourselves that what we have to say is not relevant.  Or a mindset that others know best.  These are assumptions not necessarily reality.


And the trouble is if we never have the confidence to step out of our comfort zone we greatly increase the likelihood that we get stuck or stagnate.  In many ways we create a situation where we limit our possibilities.


Before you move on think about how confidence is holding you back.  Look about what could really happen if you started to take small steps out of your comfort zone.