Talking About Your Career Aspirations In Job Interviews

Job interviews are strange in many respects.

You as the candidate are trying to showcase yourself and demonstrate you are right for the role.

The hiring manager is looking for assurance that you can do the job and will fit in.

In the job interview you will be asked many questions.

Chances are you will be asked about your career aspirations.

For accountants and professionals this can often be a trick one to answer.

Often people feel that they have got to say that they want to be an FD or senior manager or they won’t be successful in a job interview.

I look at it slightly differently.

It really depends on a number of factors, including:

  1. Your own personal circumstances.
  2. How big a part your career plays in your overall life.
  3. Where you are in your career right now.
  4. The level of job that you are interviewing for.

In other words it’s not as straightforward a question as it might seem.

Here’s a few variations that might be helpful at different levels when answering this question.

If newly qualified

I’m keen to progress in my career in the medium to longer term.  Right now what I’m keen to do is get more experience of managing a team.

If more experienced and content at your level

I’m really pleased with how my career has progressed so far.  I really enjoy working at this level as it plays to my strengths.  I’m therefore keen to broaden my experience at this level.

If a senior manager already

I’m proud to have reached a senior management level and moving to a Board level role is where I see my career going.  If not through this job move, certainly when I next move.

Of course the key to speaking confidently about your career aspirations is to invest the time to determine what you want from your career and how it fits with your life.

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