Remote Job Interviews – How To Be Ready For The Remote Job Interview

Hi, Duncan Brodie here from Goals and Achievements.

Right now, coronavirus is a big issue right across the world and it got me thinking and I want to shoot a little video to share some thoughts if you are currently actively looking for your next job, because as I see it right now, one of three things are going to happen.

Firstly, an organisation may because of the inherent uncertainty, actually put jobs like finance and professional roles on hold quite simply because they don't really know where things are going to go in terms of their revenue streams.

A second option may be that they carry on with the process, but they decide that instead of actually inviting people in for a Face-To-Face interview, which is pretty common these days, they look at other alternatives.

So I know a lot of companies use telephone interviews already and perhaps that's actually going to increase given the current situation.

Or alternatively, what you actually might find is that employers actually start to use more video conferencing and use video based technology like Skype with camera to interview people.

So what does that mean for you as a candidate?

I think the first thing it means for you as a candidate is you're going to have to be ready to adopt different approaches to doing job interviews.

The telephone interview may be something that you've never done before, maybe something actually terrifies you.

Similarly, the video interview maybe just puts you into a complete state of panic.

So how do you overcome that?

My top tip to you would be this.

It's vitally, vitally important that you actually take some time to get yourself prepared for this different format of interview.

What you can do is simply shoot up your phone like I've done today and actually watch yourself answering questions out loud so you can imagine the interviewer actually asking you the question.

Secondly, what I would say is get yourself into the zone in exactly the same way as you would do if it was a face to face interview.

Remember all the important things like building the initial rapport with the person who is interviewing with you.

The importance of creating that right. first impression. That is going to become really, really important in my view.

And the third thing I would say to you is, you know, be ready to make sure that you have all the tech working as you wanted to.

You know, what I would encourage you to do is make sure that if you're going to be using the camera, the camera works and test everything out in advance.

Get yourself there for the meeting  you're going to be joining a little bit ahead of time if you can test your camera, test just your audio just to make sure everything is working.

So the real thing to say to people is preparation is always important in job interviews if you're going to be successful.

But what I want to say to you right now, it's important that you don't just prepare for the questions you might be asked, but you are prepared for the technological challenges you may have to deal with as well.

I hope you find that helpful. Thanks for watching. And if you've enjoyed the video, please subscribe to the channel.