Questions You Might Ask At The End of An Accounting Job Interview

In any job interview, you know that there will be the opportunity for you to ask questions.

One thing is that many accountants worry about what questions they should or shouldn’t ask.

The reality is that there is no specific questions that everyone should ask.

The reason is that you are unique as a candidate.

You will have areas that matter to you, depending on your situation, career stage and what’s important to you.

For that reason, I suggest you think in terms of themes of questions that you might ask.

So what might be some themes of questions that you might want to ask about?

Questions About The Company

You might ask about:

  • Strategy
  • Culture
  • Types of people who do well in the company

Questions About Career Progression

This could include asking about:

  • What the last 2 job holders are doing now
  • Training and development
  • Opportunities to step up to the next level

Questions About Objections

If the interview has gone well you could ask if there’s anything that you:

  • Haven’t shared with them that would help with their decision about your suitability
  • Haven’t persuaded them on in terms of experience
  • Haven’t convinced them on in terms ability to do the job
  • Haven’t convinced them on in terms of ability to fit in

The important thing with this type of question is you sit and listen to the response rather than speak.

Questions About How Your Performance Will Be Assessed

For example:

  • How will we both know 6 months in that I’m performing as expected
  • What’s the indicators of success in the role

Questions To Learn More About The People Interviewing You

For example:

  • What they love about working in the business
  • What frustrates them in the business
  • What their career aspirations are (which might be important if you are looking to progress)

And here are questions to avoid

Anything about pay, terms and conditions.

These are only relevant when they have offered you the job.

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