Preliminary Job Interviews and Informal Chats

Hi, it's Duncan Brodie here from Goals and Achievements.

In this video, I want to talk very briefly about the informal chat or preliminary interview.

You see over recent weeks, what I've noticed is that more and more of my clients are being invited to go along for an informal chat ahead of the formal interview.

Now one of the problems I'm noticing is a lot of people are confused as to what to expect if they have an informal chat or they have an informal interview.

So in this video, what I want to try and do is to try and help you to do your very, very best in that informal chat or interview.

Now the chances are the hiring manager will already have seen your CV or alternatively, had a look at your LinkedIn profile before they have that chat with you.

And the informal chat or preliminary interview really is to delve deeper, to learn more about you and tell them about how you come across.

What will typically happen in the informal interview is the hiring manager will tell you a little bit about the company, will tell you a little bit about the job and you as the candidate are then going to get probed a little bit around your experience, your skills, what you've got to offer.

And I think the big danger is that people go into that interview thinking it is basically an informal chat.

Yes, it may be described as an informal chat, but make no mistake about it, it is in effect, a preliminary interview.

It's a way of finding out whether it's worthwhile taking you to the next stage in the process.

So my real tip to you is, if you're going to be successful in a preliminary interview or informal chat, you've really got to be well prepared.

You've got to have at hand, real clear ideas about your experience, about what you're looking for. You want to have real clear evidence of your management experience.

Now the questions might not be as rigorous as they would be in a formal interview, but there's still going to be demanding nonetheless.

I hope you've found that helpful.

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