Performing to Your Potential In Your Next Accounting Job Interview

It’s great when you get a job interview invitation.  Of course if you are continually going along to job interviews and then getting told that you have been unsuccessful.

Yes you will be nervous.  Yes the interview will be challenging.  Equally these are a direct consequence of you not spending enough time on your preparation.

What I’ve discovered from conversations and interactions is that about 60% of candidates don’t spend anything like enough time on preparation.

Then they are surprised that they struggle.

I’m often asked what would constitute sufficient preparation time and I always say at least 10 hours.

So preparing like a pro is a core part of being successful in your next accounting job interview.

You should also review the job advert, job description and person specification thoroughly.  In these documents are clues about what matters to the employing organisation.

They will give you lots of clues in terms of potential questions that you might be asked.

Take the time to write down potential questions and answers.  Doing this will mean that you are less likely to get caught out or thrown off track in the interview itself.

You know that there are going to be certain questions you will be asked in any interview and your review of the job description, job advert and person specification will reveal others.

Do a mock interview ahead of the real thing.  Actors do a full rehearsal before a performance.  Use this mock interview to get feedback.

If you can’t do a mock interview then record yourself on video.  See how you come across.  See where you are struggling so that you can make improvements ahead of the real thing.

In truth job interviews are and should be and are challenging.  At the same time there is plenty you can do to increase your chances of performing to your potential and getting the job offer in your next accounting job interview