Not What You Do But What You Contribute

I was speaking with a friend recently who has set up his own consultancy.

Before that he had built a long and successful career in a major organisation.

During our discussion he mentioned that he had recently met up with some friends who were still employed.

As is common, people asked him what he does all day.

It’s an interesting question especially when asked by someone still employed.

You see it’s easy to be doing a lot at work when employed.  There’s all was plenty of emails to deal with.  Deadlines to deliver reports.  And of course plenty of meetings to attend.

Yes all of these fill time.  On the other hand what difference does it make to the success of the organisation you work for?

How do they help improve things for others inside and outside of the organisation?

How do they improve performance?

How do they help make the bottom line financial results better?

The real value you bring to an organisation is never about doing but always about contributing.

When you focus on contributing to the success of your organisation you become more motivated.  You start to see the difference you can make as an accountant or professional.

When motivated you look for ways to improve things.

When you improve things you get noticed.

When you get noticed your career starts to flourish and get better.

So if you are serious about being more successful in your accountancy or professional field, start:

  1. Getting clear about the real purpose of your job.
  2. Focusing on what really matters to the success of your organisation.
  3. Focusing not on how busy you are but what you are really contributing to the organisation.

You will be surprised just how easy it is to stand out from those going through the motions.