Making an Impact In Job Interviews

As the candidate the job interview is a great opportunity for you to shine and get the job offer.

Of course it’s easy to say this but actually making it happen is somewhat different.

You know that to increase the likelihood of being offered the job, you are going to have to make an impact.

So how do you do this?

Understanding the reality of job interviews

In the ideal world the best candidate would get the job. In the real world this does not necessarily happen.

You can easily find yourself in a situation where the interviewer, gets swayed by someone who they connect with and comes across well.

The criteria that they were going to use to decide who gets the job goes out of the window.

And they appoint someone that they get along with rather than the best candidate.

Know why you want this specific job

You might be applying for and interviewing for several jobs.

Every interviewer wants to know that their job is one that you really want.

Trouble is many will give wishy washy or vague answers.

You need to articulate clearly, succinctly and confidently why you want this specific job.

Understand the role and the critical success factors

There will be plenty of tasks and responsibilities in the job description.

Any of the candidates being interviewed will be able to do the job to a technically competent level.

On the other hand what are the factors that are really critical to success in the job?

Often these will be soft skills or personal attributes.

As automation increases, roles will change and there will be a greater need for technical excellence alone.

Take time to understand the role and what it will take to succeed and make sure you share this in the interview.

Build your success bank

In the early stages of your professional career, the focus on your ability to do things.

As you progress you need to be able to demonstrate your track record of achievement.

Never leave this to memory.

Make a point of regularly recording your successes or significant contributions in your career success bank.

Don’t underestimate or undervalue what you have to offer

You might not want to come across as a know it all.

Equally you might not fully appreciate what you have to offer or be reluctant to speak about it or see it as no big deal.

Remember you cannot get credit for what you don’t share.

In truth making an impact in a job interview is much easier than you think.  The question you need to ask yourself is whether you are willing to put in the effort to really make an impact.