Know What Sets You Apart In Your Professional Field

You’re an accountant, lawyer, procurement or IT professional.  Most professionals when introducing themselves lead with their job title.

They assume that the person they are speaking to knows what that profession is about

Take accountancy which is my professional.

Mention accountant to people when you introduce yourself and chances are others will think:

  • Interested in numbers and money
  • Prepare accounts for clients
  • Do tax returns
  • Not really interested in business

Trouble is there are different accountancy bodies.  Each of the accounting bodies tends to major on one aspect of accounting.

Some work in accounting practices.  Some work in industry or commerce.  Some work in the public or not for profit sectors.

Roles vary considerably with a lot of specialisation.

People have different experience.

Of course every one in every profession have skills, experience, knowledge and qualities that are unique to them.

When you are looking to move jobs or take the next step up the career ladder, you need to understand what makes you unique.  What sets you apart from others in your professional field?

Could you do this?

Chances are if you are like many you possibly have never considered this.

Why is it important?

It will help you identify the right roles for you

Job boards and the internet have made it easy to apply for jobs.

The danger is that you put quantity ahead of quality.

Knowing what sets you apart will help you apply for fewer but at the same time more relevant roles for you.

It will help you better market yourself

Whether you are looking for a new job or even get a promotion within your organisation you are going to have to market yourself effectively.

Knowing what sets you apart will help you better market yourself in print and in person.

It will help you to better sell yourself

A job interview is a type of pitch.  A discussion with a recruiter is a type of pitch.

The better you know what sets you apart the better you are going to do at selling yourself to those who are in a decision making capacity about hiring or representing you.

So here’s my 3 tips

Tip 1: Take time to create a long list of things that make you unique

Tip 2: Actively seek feedback from others

Tip 3: Use those insights to clearly articulate what sets you apart from others