Job Interviews – How To Increase Your Chances of Getting Invited To The Job Interview

Hi, everyone, it's Duncan Brodie from Goals and Achievements here, and I want to welcome you to the short audio presentation, where I'm talking about, what you need to do to increase your chances of getting invited for more job interviews.

Now, one of the things that I notice when I'm working with clients is they say to me that despite the best endeavours, they're finding it really, really difficult to get beyond the application stage in the job selection process.

And inevitably, when we sit down, part of the problem tends to be with the CV.

So what are some of the things I see over and over again when I look at CVs

Well, the first thing I see is that they've got no way of actually hooking people in.

They can't immediately give a compelling reason to get the attention of somebody in about 30 seconds and getting to the point where they say, actually, this looks like a kind of candidate, the kind of candidate that can do a job for us.

Secondly, when they write about their career, they focus far too much on what they have done in other words their responsibilities and fail to actually highlight sufficiently well what they've actually achieved in their career.

You know, responsibilities are important for a giving an employer, a sense of what you have done and the kind of areas you got experience in.

But ultimately what employers want to see is achievements.

The next thing I see is people include every single qualification they've got on the CV.

The reality is all you need to do is to include the qualifications that actually relevant to the type of job you're going for.

Now, you may well be very proud you have got some sort of qualification in a second language an NVQ or something like that.

But the reality is, if it's not important to the job, it's not worth including on your CV.

And finally, keep your hobbies and interests succinct.

Yes employers want to know that you've got a life out of work by the same time, first and foremost, that interested in you and what you can bring to the organisation.

So that's it for this little audio. I hope you find it valuable.