It’s All About Marginal Gains In The Accounting Job Market

As an accountant you have a lot to offer.

Of course so do other candidates who are on the market.

Through my work with thousands of accountants, there’s something that I’ve noticed.

There is no silver bullet or magic strategy to get you the job.

It’s really all about marginal gains.

The small things that you can do to give you the edge over other candidates.

So where can you get marginal gains in the accounting job market?

Get clear about your next role

Here’s what I notice.  A lot of accountants approach the job market haphazardly.

Applying for roles randomly.  Then being surprised when they don’t get interviews.

Now you may be wondering what’s wrong with this approach.

The biggest problem is that you make it easy for the recruiter or hiring manager to say no.

Random applications are rarely targeted.  If they aren’t targeted you are not going to get through the screening process.

So take time to get clear about your next role and only apply for roles where there’s a good fit between what’s been looked for and what you can offer.

Know what you can offer

To use an accounting analogy, know what assets are on your personal balance sheet.

Assets could be knowledge, experience, skills, achievements and personal attributes.

Few will take the time to build up that complete picture of your assets.

If you do, you will stand out.

Create a great CV

Your CV is your personal marketing document.

A good CV will increase your chances of getting the all important job interview.

I’ve created a free course that will help you to create a great CV that you can get here.

Make the most of your LinkedIn profile

I’m told that what you say immediately under your name and your about (summary section) are the most important aspects of your LinkedIn profile.

The quality of the about section can vary in my experience.

Quite often they are just way too brief.

Take the time to make your LinkedIn profile the best it can be.

Send a good covering letter with your application

This is really simple to do.

Yet surprisingly many don’t bother to do this.

If you do you will stand out.

Be well prepared for job interviews

If you do you will be in the top 15-20% of candidates, based on some informal research I’ve done.

Sell yourself effectively in job interviews

Easy to say.  Difficult to do.

Why?  Most don’t do job interviews frequently enough to become really good at them.

There’s also a tendency among accountants to assume that hiring managers will read between the lines.

They won’t.  You have to showcase yourself and your value.

My free online course will help you.

In truth landing that next job isn’t easy.  At the same time, it’s often small changes in your approach that make the difference.