It Goes With The Territory When Searching for A New Accounting Job

Searching for a new job is a challenge at the best of times.

Right now with COVD-19 and uncertainty on the economy it probably feels even more of a challenge.

I see plenty on LinkedIn, hopeful then despondent around finding a new role.

I also hear people tell me that it all seems quiet then there is a flurry of activity.  There’s no rhyme or reason to it.

Sadly, even if you are highly qualified, highly talented, have great experience and a great track record you are going to get rejected when searching for a new accounting job.

This can be a real body blow for some.

Especially if throughout your career you have been the type of person who found it easy to move jobs and move up the ladder.

There are however in my view some practical things you can do to increase the chances of getting offered the job rather than getting rejected.

Be highly selective about what you apply for

Like you I know that you could turn your hand to as an accountant to most Finance jobs.

On the other hand that’s not the way those making the hiring decisions tend to think.

Unless there’s a clear match between what you can offer and what’s needed it’s going to be difficult.

For that reason it’s better to be selective about what you apply for.

Do your homework ahead of the job interview

You have to know about the business.  You have to know about the sector.  You have to understand the financial performance. 

Making the time to do this is no longer an optional extra but absolutely essential.

Make sure you can back up every claim you make on your application

If you write down something on a CV or application form, make sure that you have a concreate example to back it up.

So for example if you claim to have excellent problem solving skills, have 2 or 3 relevant examples at your fingertips to illustrate this.

 In truth you will get rejected from time to time.  Accept this and at the same time do everything you possibly can to minimise the risk of rejection.