How To Talk About Your Career Achievements Authentically In A Job Interview

If you are an accountant or professional, chances are you are highly committed.

You do great work because that’s what’s expected.

You don’t think that what you are doing is anything out of the ordinary.

You are just doing your job after all, right?

Here’s the problem

A job interview is competitive.

There’s one job and several candidates.

And a sad but true reality

The best candidate in terms of experience, skills and qualifications may not get the job.

What this means for you as a candidate

You have to talk openly, confidently and comfortably about your career achievements.

Now you might think that it’s going to difficult

In fact if you approach it in the right way you will be able to speak about your career achievements authentically.

Despite what you might have been told it’s not about being salesy at all.

It’s all about how you prepare for job interviews

As part of your preparation for job interviews you should identify your career achievements.

At the most basic level these are times when you have done something that’s improved or added more value for the organisation.

Chances are you have plenty of achievements.

You might just be struggling to recall these situations.

And you are taking a huge risk if you believe that you will just be able to recall examples in the interview itself.

Identifying stories and examples ahead of the interview will give you the edge

You know that you are going to be asked about times, when, for example:

  1. You dealt with a difficult situation
  2. You dealt with a difficult customer or colleague
  3. You helped make improvements
  4. You solved a problem
  5. And many more…

If you have sat down, identified the achievements and written out in some detail how you managed to achieve what you did, it will help you stand out.

No more worrying about whether you are coming across as a know it all.

When asked the question, you simply respond with the story.

That way you showcase what you have to offer in a very authentic way.

Give it a try.  You might just be surprised the difference it makes.