How To Discover What Sets You Apart From Other Accountants

Hi, it's Duncan Brodie here from Goals and Achievements.

In this video, I want to explore what makes you different from every other accountant out there.

Now you know, this is the kind of question that you might get asked in a job interview probably as a way of separating out you from other candidates.

And the trouble is there's a danger that if you get asked this question in a job interview, you'll either panic, you'll blurt something generic or actually really say something that doesn't really enhance you and sell you effectively.

So how would you actually answer that question well in a job interview, in my experience.

Well, the most important thing is to think about the areas where you may have some value over and above other people.

So it might well be that you have got certain types of knowledge that not many other accountants have.

It may be that you have got specific experience in an area that maybe many don't have.

It could be that you've got skills that are a little different. So a lot of times I work with people who are multilingual.

And in one case, I was working with one lady who could speak five different languages.

It could be your way of actually operating as a professional.

Maybe you're the kind of person who's got that real knack of building relationships with people, really engaging people, maybe influencing, maybe inspiring.

And the easiest way to really get this level clarity about what it is that sets you apart from everyone else is actually just to take some time sitting down and writing down some of the things that make you a little different from every other accountant out there.

I hope you find this valuable.

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