How To Build Your Professional Credibility At Work

As an accountant or professional you deserve to be successful in your career. After all you have more than likely invested significantly in getting the professional qualification.

Trouble is professional qualifications open the doors to opportunities. On the other hand they alone don’t guarantee success.

I’ve worked with many smart people over the years. Not all of them have gone on to achieve anything approaching their potential.

Let me ask you a question?

Have you ever consciously thought about your professional credibility and how to build or improve it?

If you are like the majority I’m guessing not.

When employed and in a profession you tend not to see yourself as being an asset that helps the business succeed.

In truth it’s not the best who always get on. Often it’s those with most credibility.

So how can you build your professional credibility at work and improve your career prospects?

Know the business

Yes you are expected to know in depth about your professional field. At the same time, the better you know the business and the drivers of success, the bigger the contribution you can make.

If you are someone who’s making a big contribution you are going to stand out. You are going to get access to the more interesting projects. You are going to add more to your professional credibility.

Be able to work with everyone

There will be people or groups of people you will like more than others. That’s completely normal. The key is being able to work with everyone no matter their professional background, level or status.

Being able to do this requires you to actively work on your interpersonal skills.

Only do what you will deliver

It can be hugely tempting to want to be seen as extremely helpful. The problem is you run a massive risk.

The risk of over promising and under delivering.

You might get away with this once. Do it again and it impacts hugely on your credibility.

Don’t aim to be a people pleaser at work. Be the person who delivers what they promise.

In truth building credibility takes time. Focus on both building and maintaining your professional credibility.