How Effective Are You At Determining Whether A Job Is Right For You?

As an accountant or professional you are ambitious.

To achieve what you want in your career you are going to have go through many job interviews.

During that process you are going to be asked lots of questions.

The purpose of the questions is to determine your suitability or otherwise for each role that you applied for.

Now you probably knew that.

So let me ask you a question.

How good are you at asking the right questions to determine whether a role is right for you?

Here’s The Problem

In working with clients over the last 12 years or so, I’ve noticed a trend.

Most people think success in landing the next job is all about the CV and Interview.

Don’t get me wrong these matter.

Would You Build A House Without Digging The Foundations Properly?

I’m sure you are saying of course not. The house will fall down.

Yet very few accountants or professionals seem to do the foundational work to get clear about:

  • What they want from their next job.
  • The types of organisation they would or wouldn’t want to work for.
  • The type of people, including their boss, that they would really enjoy working with.

What’s the benefit to you of doing the foundational work?

A job might look great on paper.  It might even have been sold to you by a recruiter as being ideal for you.

Ultimately you have to use the job interview to find out if the job is really right for you.

If it’s the type of environment where you are going to thrive and prosper.

If you have done the foundational work you can ask the right questions that address the areas that really matter to you.

If you have done the foundational work you can turn the interview into more of a two way discussion rather than viewing the outcome all being in the hands of the employer.

If you have done the foundational work you have a sound basis for making decisions about whether to accept or reject the role.

So before starting on the search for your next job take time to:

  1. Get clear about what you want from your next job
  2. Get clear about the types of organisation you want to work for
  3. Get clear about the type of people you would really enjoy working with.