Five Quick Solutions To The “I Don’t Know How” To Get More Job Interview Invites Problem

You are ready to take the next step in your accountancy career.  As you are qualified, have some great experience and a track record of achievement it shouldn’t be that difficult.

A few months down the line your progress is slow.  You apply for roles.  A lot of the time you hear nothing and get the occasional thanks but no thanks standard response.

So what are five quick solutions so that you can start to get more job interview invites?

Watch a YouTube Video on CV creation

YouTube is full of videos sharing some great tips on creating a great CV.  Most of them are pretty short and cover all of the salient points.  Pick out the best bits from each and then give your CV a makeover.

Reach out and get some feedback

Are you on LinkedIn or other social media platforms?  If so chances are you have built up a number of contacts or connections.  Some of them will be really close connections.  Reach out to as selection of your close connections asking them if they would review your CV and give you some feedback.

Review your job search strategy

The abundance of online application sites means that people tend to rely heavily on this.  Sometimes this might be their only strategy.

Trouble is a lot of opportunities are only advertised publicly when all other avenues have been exhausted.

Your network that you have built can be a source of opportunities if you reach out and ask for their help.

Apply for less

This might seem like an odd thing to say but let me explain.  It’s never about focusing on the number of applications.  It’s about focusing your applications on those roles that you are a really good fit for.

Hire a coach or mentor

To help you get clarity on the right roles for you, to help you to improve your CV and other marketing materials and help you get targeted with your applications.

So which of these 5 quick solutions are you going to put into practice first?