Five Quick Solutions To The How Do I Get Promoted Problem

You started out in your career with enthusiasm.  You understood that to get beyond a certain level you needed a professional qualification.  You invested the time, money and effort to get your professional qualification.

Now you find that you are not progressing as quickly as you would have hoped.  It feels like you are being left behind while your peers appear to flourish.

Of course all is not lost.  Here are 5 quick solutions to the how do I get promoted problem.

Solution 1: Get on the radar of the people making decisions

In any organisation there are decision makers.  If the decision makers don’t know about you there’s a great chance you may be the best kept secret.

Look for opportunities to be involved in projects or be part of events where key decision makers will be present.  When you do make sure that you deliver your best work and showcase your skills and attributes.

Solution 2: Speak to your boss

Now I know you probably speak to your boss a lot.  What I’m suggesting is a career conversation with your boss.

The primary aim of this conversation is to let your boss know that you are keen to move on and enlist the support of your boss to make it happen.

It definitely isn’t about making wild demands.

Solution 3: Look at your contributions

Yes you are probably busy.  Yes you are probably working hard.  Truth is this is expected these days

Consider a different question.  What have you contributed to the finance team, the people that you support and the wider organisation?  If you don’t know take some time out to think, reflect and write down all of your contributions.

Solution 4: Take advantage of your professional network

One of the great things about having a professional qualification is that it gives you access to people and to resources.

Sadly the vast majority never take anything approaching full advantage of what’s on offer through their professional network.

Solution 5: Do some research and personal benchmarking

How aware are you of what’s needed to thrive and prosper at the next level?  If you have only a vague idea there may be a huge amount of benefit of doing some informal research to find out.

If on the other hand you have good insight into what’s needed to thrive and prosper at the next level, do some personal benchmarking to see how you stack up.  Where you find gaps, develop a plan to address them.

In truth getting promoted and moving up the career ladder in your professional field does not happen by chance.  So what action are you going to take to improve your chances of success?