Don’t Look Back On Your Career With Regret

As an accountant or professional you know that you have a lot of potential to progress in your career.

Of course having potential and actually fulfilling that potential.

As you try to progress your career there are going to be times when you are moving forward with ease.

At other times it might feel like a huge struggle.

Sometimes you will be motivated and at other times you will be disillusioned.  Perfectly natural.

On the other hand what about if you were looking back on your career and regretting how it had unfolded.

How would that feel?

Not very pleasant I’m guessing.

I never have an issue with someone who consciously decides to get to a certain level and not move beyond that point.

What saddens me is when highly capable people end up regretting:

  1. Not going for that promotion that they know was well within their capability.
  2. Self excluding themselves from a job opportunity because there were one or two things on the job description or person specification that they could not meet exactly.
  3. Letting fear of rejection stop them from really trying to get on in their career.
  4. Procrastinating too much and missing out on their career prime time.

So here’s three questions to ask yourself:

  1. What needs to happen in my career to have no regrets?
  2. What attitudes or beliefs do I need to embrace or let go off to fulfil my career potential?
  3. If I try and it doesn’t all work out as planned, how much further forward will I be?

In truth what you achieve in your career is down to you.  The question is are you willing to step up to the plate?