Don’t Just Focus On The Job Title When Looking For Your Next Accounting Role

You are looking for your next accounting job.

Chances are you will have given some thought to what you are looking for.

Or at least I hope that you have.

When thinking about your next role, you will be thinking about salary.

You may have an expectation about the specific salary or the salary range.

Perhaps you have considered job titles that might be right for you.

There is however a risk if you just focus on job titles.

And that risk is you will apply for and actually get appointed to a role that isn’t right for you.

So how do you avoid falling into this trap?

Think About The Content of The Job

Any employer advertising a role will clearly set out the key responsibilities.

These are the things that make up the bulk of the role.

Studying these responsibilities will help you decide if the role is right for you.

Consider whether the key responsibilities include some new stuff.

If there is a lot of responsibilities that are similar to what you are doing right now, think how they are adding to what you have done.

Look beyond the job title and look at the content of the role.

Study The Person Specification

Most will be able to show a fit technically to some extent, including you.

The real insight comes from really studying and understanding the person specification.

The best person specifications will differentiate between essential and desirable requirements.

Pay particular attention to the essential requirements.

Are they focusing on things that are important to you, your growth and development?

Are they focusing on things that you enjoy?

Are they focusing on things that you are already good at or are at least showing potential to be good at?

Look For The Disconnects

By that I mean when the salary range and the job title look disconnected.

A Finance Business Partner job title that at best is Finance Manager or Management Accountant.

An Accountant job title that’s more like an Accounts Assistant.

These should be red flags and make you stop and think before you apply.

Truth is looking for a new job is tough.  Looking beyond the job title will help you reduce the risk of finding yourself in a role that’s not great for you or your career.