CV Writing – Done Is Better Than Perfect

You know that as part of your job search you are going to need to update your CV.

Alternatively if you haven’t been on the job market for a while, it might be that you need to start from scratch.

In other articles I’ve talked about the importance of taking the time to get clarity around what you have to offer your next employer before you even start working on your CV.

Even if you have done this, you need to effectively translate what you have discovered into a decent CV.

It’s at this point, many fall into what I call the perfection trap.

Obsessing over every word, sentence and paragraph.

Wanting to get it just right.

Now if you are an accountant or other functional professional you do want to show that you have attention to detail.

That definitely is a good aspiration.

But let’s look at in a slightly differently.

A CV that’s work in progress, saved on your laptop or PC is going to do nothing to market you and get you job interviews.

You have to get it out there.

If you do you will start to see whether it’s hitting the mark or not with potential hiring managers and recruitment consultants.

If it is interview invites will follow.

If it isn’t it will be the complete opposite.

There’s also the principle of diminishing returns.

In essence, you reach a point where each extra hour you spend refining makes little or no difference.

So rather than aiming for perfection, get your CV to a point where it’s good enough and get it out there.  Remember you can always change it and improve it at any time.

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