Avoid One Dimension Job Search

Accountants and professionals have plenty of job boards that they can use for job search.  There really is no shortage of sources of opportunities.

Yet often finding that next job is a real struggle. 

It seems strange that this is the case.  On the other hand what I’ve noticed is that a lot of accountants and professionals have a one dimension approach to job search.

By that I mean they simply see opportunities online and apply.  Now don’t get me wrong.  This can work.  At the same time it can be hugely frustrating if you are making a lot of applications and getting very few interviews.

So what do you need to do to make your job search more effective? 

Leverage your network

Yes of course keep looking out for and applying for roles.  Use other approaches like leveraging your network both online and offline.  These day’s employers often go their existing employees as the first point of contact when looking to recruit.

If you are not actively building your network or maintaining your network you could miss out on potential opportunities that you would be great for.

Consider light touch direct approaches

If an organisation has to employ an external recruiter and pay a commission it greatly adds to the hiring costs.

Imagine you sent a light touch informal enquiry to see if an organisation that you were genuinely interested in joining to see if they were recruiting.  If the timing is right and they are you might just find that you have your foot in the door.

Make it easy for recruiters to represent you

Recruiters still get access to a lot of opportunities through their long established client relationships.

Of course they are at the end of the day in sales.  As the candidate seeking a role you can make it difficult or easy for them to represent you.

Simply giving them a one page briefing can make a difference.  Remember they are working with a large number of candidates and clients at any one time.

If you make it easy for them to pitch you to employers they are more likely to do this.

In truth job search always takes longer than anticipated.  It’s vital that you avoid relying totally on a one dimension approach if you are going to increase your chances of success.