Ask Yourself This Question Before You Apply For A Job

Looking for a new job can be tough at the best of times.

In an employer market, where there is even more applicants, it becomes even more challenging.

A mistake I see accountants and professionals make is falling into is adopting what I call the spray and hope strategy.

In essence applying for everything that might appear remotely relevant.

The trouble is it typically results in:

  1. A lot of rejection.
  2. An adverse impact on your confidence.
  3. A whole lot of frustration.

For that reason I encourage you to stop and ask this question when you see a role that interests you.

The question is this.  Why are you applying for the role?

Now you might be wondering why I am encouraging you to ask this question before you apply.

Right now employers have a lot of choice in terms of candidates.  They are going to have some idea of the type of person they want.

If you don’t fit the persona in terms of what they were expecting, it raises some red flags in their mind.

As a result they might be less objective than they otherwise would be when reviewing your CV or job application.

On the other hand if you have considered why you are applying and state in the cover letter why you are attracted to the role, you cover off that objection.

It may be that the reason you are applying for the role is to get a salary.  Equally this is not going to be that compelling to the hiring manager.

Possible reasons why you are applying for a role might be:

  1. It’s a company or organisation that you have always admired.
  2. It’s a sector that you are attracted to.
  3. You heard past employees talk really positively about the organisation.
  4. The potential to progress over time.
  5. To get some specific areas of experience or deepen your experience.

So over to you.  What would you communicate as your reasons why you are applying for the role?